Office Policies

When you walk into our office you are the most important person. That is why we work diligently to make you feel welcome and comfortable. You are never an interruption to our work, but rather the reason we work so hard. Our team is trained in practice management and continuous hard work and organization goes into running our office efficiently on a daily basis. Our office policies allow us to continue our lasting relationships with our patients and do what we do best—practice family dentistry. Here is a brief overview of our Office Policies:

Dental Insurance

There are continuous changes in the insurance industry and in the remarkable variety of insurance plans that our patients can subscribe to. Our office staff will promptly submit your claim to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. If your insurance company allows it, we are able to submit your claim electronically to assist in expediting your claim adjudication and reimbursement. There are several ways in which you can help us:

  1. Let us work together to obtain all of your dental insurance particulars.
  2. Please keep our records up-to-date if your insurance coverage changes.
  3. Share with us any insurance correspondence related to your plan and especially with returned claims and predetermination forms.
  4. Consider calling your insurance company. For such a call, we can provide you with the insurance codes and information for you to determine your expected insurance benefits. Unfortunately, the majority of the dental insurance companies does not discuss aspects of your plan and needed dental treatment with the dentist or dental staff. In this case, we can send out predetermination forms to inquire about coverage for particular procedures.

We will do our best helping you collect from your insurance company while maintaining quality care and while we endeavor to maintain the highest level of dental health for you. Unfortunately, not all dental plans cover 100% of our fees and we would be happy to review your dental coverage with you, if requested.

Payment Options

Payment is due after each appointment and we accept VISA, MasterCard or Debit. For those of you with children and a busy family schedule (or your children may come to their appointments without you), we can have a confidential, secure credit card on file.

Confirmations and Reminders of Booked Appointments

Confirmation and reminder calls are important for us and are provided to all our patients. Please make a note of your appointment date and time. When we do call and may happen to leave a message, we would be most grateful for your call back to us. We appreciate your confirmation of your appointment, as this is an essential part of our ability to focus on providing individualized care without double booking our practice.

A Missed Appointment

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you and usually made well in advance. If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you kindly provide us with a minimum of 2-business days notice. This allows us time to contact another patient and adjust the schedule accordingly. Please work with us so that, together, we can continue to provide you the highest quality of care that you deserve.

Dental Cleaning Programs & 'Check Up' Intervals

We work closely with our patients to determine if it is helpful for them to become part of our Oral Care & Cleanings check-up system. Such a ‘recall system’ allows us to provide the best possible oral health care. Because every patient has unique oral health needs, the optimal frequency for cleaning visits is patient specific. Recently, the issue of check-up frequency (how often to go for a dental check-up) has been subject to debate. Traditional dental plans encouraged employees to get their teeth checked every six months. Due to cost containment, some insurance companies have changed their reimbursement criteria to allow for a check-up exam once every 9 months or 12 months. It remains our philosophy to treat our patients and not their insurance plans. However, if you wish for us to help you organize our dental services according to your insurance coverage, please let us know and we will make a note in your file and make every effort to follow your request.